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FitScan Products

Tanita’s most affordable product line

No compromise in quality or performance

Full range, weight, body fat, body composition, segmental, accessories

Includes radio wireless models for enhanced data analysis

Special discounts for volume purchases


Radio wireless full-body composition

Performs 4 full-body measurements

Open protocol format (API) for peripheral devices

Free HealthyEdge Lite software

Windows/MAC/Garmin/iPhone compatibility


Entry-level segmental body composition analyzer

Measures arms/legs/trunk fat and lean tissue

18 measurements total(full-body and segmental)

Monitor physique changes and body balance 

Innovative display in handle for easy viewing of results


Best value body fat / body water scale

Perfect for any health or fitness plan

Includes weight-only feature

Memory function for 2 adults, review past readings

Durable plastic housing


Great scale for health and fitness enthusiasts

9 full-body measurements

Rugged tempered glass platform

All the data needed to attain peak performance

Includes special mode for athletes

Stylish platform with innovative touch panel

8 full-body measurements

Transparent electrodes offer aesthetic appeal

Recalls prior measurements for comparison

Rugged tempered glass platform


The highest standard in weigh-only measurement

8mm thick black tempered glass oversized platform

Heavy-duty 440 pound capacity

Reverse blue backlit LCD

Exudes style, quality, and durability

Most economical radio wireless weight-only scale

Open protocol format (API) for peripheral devices

Rugged tempered glass platform, 440 pound capacity

Free HealthyEdge Lite software

No visible display, the ultimate in privacy


The standard in portability

The thinnest weight-only scale

Only 0.6inch thick, great for travel

Convenient handle, weighs only 3.5 pounds

Attractive ABS plastic platform


Elegant weight-only scale

Economical solution for monitoring weight

Black tempered glass platform

Oversized blue LCD display

Low profile, only 0.9 inch thick


Most economical body fat scale

Automatic recognition of users, 2 adults

Small footprint fits easily in tight spaces

Durable plastic housing

Lightweight, only 5 pounds

Economical body fat / body water scale

Great companion in reaching fitness and health goals

Includes weight-only feature

Memory function for 4 adults, review past readings

Rugged tempered glass platform


No batteries to replace, ever!

Reduced cost of ownership

Helps protect the environment

Solar cell works with regular household lights

Easy to read 1.3 inch LCD display