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Ironman Body Composition Monitors

The most extreme sport in the world prefers Tanita

Trusted by world-class athletes

From 9 to 29 measurements

The premier product line from Tanita

The perfect companion to any fitness enthusiast

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World’s only consumer radio wireless segmental analyzer

Takes fitness and health monitoring to the highest levels

Up to 29 full-body and segmental (arms/legs/trunk) measurements

Free HealthyEdge Lite software

Windows/MAC/Garmin/iPhone compatibility


Premier segmental body composition analyzer

19 measurements (full-body and segmental) with BMR

Great for rehab and advanced conditioning

Advanced tracking with graphing of results

Professional results in a consumer package


High precision in a small package

9 full-body measurements

Industry best weight resolution of 0.1 pound

Exceedingly low-profile, 0.6 inch thick

Compact, weighs only 3.3 pounds


Great all-purpose Tanita Ironman fitness monitor

9 full-body measurements

The highest standard, no one else even comes close

Transparent electrodes offer aesthetic appeal

Automatic scrolling of results


The highest standard in consumer full-body composition

9 full-body measurements

Highest capacity of 440 pounds

Oversized tempered glass platform

Beautiful blue backlit LCD and icons


Tens of thousands sold over 8 years

9 full-body measurements

The highest standard, 'Dare to Compare'

All the data needed to attain peak performance

Automatic scrolling of results


The only round Tanita Ironman platform

6 full-body measurements

Great entry-level monitor

Rugged tempered glass platform

Automatic scrolling of results