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Segmental Body Composition Monitors

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Cleared by the FDA - Tanita monitors have undergone the stringent tests and measures required by the FDA to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products on the market. Your confidence is our priority.

Only from Tanita, nothing else comes close

Perfect for monitoring body balance and rehab

Segmental(arms/legs/trunk) body composition analyzer

19 full-body and segmental measurements with DCI

Advanced tracking with graphing of results


World’s only consumer radio wireless segmental analyzer

Takes fitness and health monitoring to the highest levels

Up to 29 full-body and segmental (arms/legs/trunk) measurements

Free HealthyEdge Lite software

Windows/MAC/Garmin/iPhone compatibility


Premier segmental body composition analyzer

19 measurements (full-body and segmental) with BMR

Great for rehab and advanced conditioning

Advanced tracking with graphing of results

Professional results in a consumer package


Entry-level segmental body composition analyzer

Measures arms/legs/trunk fat and lean tissue

18 measurements total(full-body and segmental)

Monitor physique changes and body balance 

Innovative display in handle for easy viewing of results