Weight Only Scales

Japanese design, quality, reliability, and accuracy

Not the cheapest, but the best value

Glass and plastic platforms

Battery and solar power models

High capacities and wide platforms


Extra-high weight capacity, maximum 440 pounds

Extra-large, low-profile, thin platform

2-inch, 2 line extra-large, easy-to-read display

Shows current and previous weight for up to 5 users

Heavy duty design and construction

Extra-large weight capacity of 440 pounds

Heavy duty design, tempered glass, extra-large platform

Instant on, no tapping required to activate

Oversized single-line reverse blue backlit LCD

Exudes style, quality, and durability

World’s only multi-unit display

Pounds / Kilograms / Stone simultaneously

High weight capacity of 440 pounds

8mm thick tempered glass oversized platform

Reverse blue backlit LCD, very easy to read


Also available in White.

The standard in portability

Only 0.6 inch thick, makes storage easy

Great for travel

Convenient handle, weighs only 3.5 pounds

Instant weight measurements up to 330 pounds

Most economical weigh-only scale

Large easy-to-read LCD display

Pure white platform, tasteful in any décor

Convenient reset switch conserves battery life

330 pound weight capacity

ANT+ radio wireless communications with open protocol format (API) for peripheral devices

High capacity, 440 pound, weight-only scale

Heavy duty design and construction, oversized low-profile platform

Communication options include Computer / Garmin / iPhone / Remote Displays / Tanita Key / Servers

Free HealthyEdge Lite Software for enhanced analysis and graphing

The highest standard in weigh-only measurement

8mm thick black tempered glass oversized platform

Heavy-duty 440 pound capacity

Reverse blue backlit LCD

Exudes style, quality, and durability

The standard in portability

The thinnest weight-only scale

Only 0.6inch thick, great for travel

Convenient handle, weighs only 3.5 pounds

Attractive ABS plastic platform

Elegant weight-only scale

Economical solution for monitoring weight

Black tempered glass platform

Oversized blue LCD display

Low profile, only 0.9 inch thick