Vitamex de Occidente, S.A. de C.V. (Central West)

Company Address:
Domingo Sarmiento 3010 
Col. Prados de Providencia 
Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico CP 44670

Tel: 52-33-36-41-43-08
Toll Free : 1-800-848-2639
Fax: 52-33-3125-0074



Company Description:
Wholesale Consumer and Professional Line

Contact Person(S) Name and Title:

  • Lorena Arriaga Acosta
  • Maria del Carmen Acosta R

Precisa De Mexico

Company Address:
Luis Spots 800
Colonia Vista Hermosa CP 28017 
Colima, Colima Mexico

Juan Mendez 644 Colima Centro CP 64000
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Toll Free: 

Cell: 312 128 4518

Whats App: 312 128 4518



Company Description:
Wholesale Consumer, Professional, and Mini Scales Distributor

Contact Person(S) Name and Title:

  • Administration: Eduardo J. Neri
  • Sales: Guadalupe Aguirre
  • Sales: Ana Guapillo

"BIJSA" Basculas y Materias Primas para el Joyero

Company Address:
Republica # 70 Ofc. 603,605
Guadalajara, Jalisco CP44360

Tel: 52-33-3654-0134
Fax: 52-33-3654-0143


Company Description:
Miniscale Distributor

Contact Person(S) Name and Title:

  • Adalberto Ortiz Herran
  • Guillermo Ortiz Herran

Representaciones Yesod, S.A. de C.V

Company Address:
Calle Sucre ext 113 int 2
Col. Moderna Del. Benito Juarez
DF 03510 Mexico

Tel: 557034-5212
Mobile: 5559177297


Company Description:
Distribution, wholesale and retail for professional and consumer scales

Contact Persons Names and Title:

  • Director Comercial: Josef Dauber
  • Ventas: Guadalupe Romero

Attention: Tanita recommends that you only purchase products from companies listed on our web site. Counterfeit scales have been discovered for many Tanita models, the companies listed on these pages are known to distribute authentic Tanita products in their respective countries.

Tanita is actively searching for additional distribution of our products throughout Latin America. Companies interested in becoming an authorized distributor of Tanita products should contact us at