DC-430U Multi-Frequency Total Body Composition Analyzer

DC-430U Multi-Frequency Total Body Composition Analyzer

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The DC-430U integrates cutting-edge bioelectric impedance technology from TANITA, the industry leader. Multi-frequency testing enhances the accuracy of the DC-430U's 15 full body composition measurements. It provides calculations for fat, muscle, bone, water mass, visceral fat, BMR, and a unique metabolic age assessment. This versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including weight loss and fitness settings, clinics, hospitals, and research institutes, all benefiting from its FDA cleared technology.

Moreover, the DC-430U features an exclusive kid’s body fat analysis and judgment mode, along with a mode for high school and collegiate wrestlers, predetermining minimum wrestling weight. The Wrestling Mode ensures more accurate readings for athletic body types, accounting for physiological differences such as muscle mass and hydration levels.

With the optional USB Cable (Type A-Type B) and Tanita Health Ware® Software, users can program the DC-430U remotely and output data for EMR applications. The software allows for in-depth analysis and graphing of body composition measurements, enabling users to assess genuine health and fitness levels comprehensively.

Please note: This version does not include the column kit.

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