BF-684 Multi-Frequency Body Fat & Water Monitor

BF-684 Multi-Frequency Body Fat & Water Monitor

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Experience the precision of TANITA's body water monitor scales, utilizing Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology for accurate body fat monitoring. BIA effortlessly penetrates muscle tissue and blood fluids but encounters resistance in fat tissue, which contains minimal water. By incorporating impedance readings, gender, height, and weight, these scales swiftly and reliably calculate body fat and total body water percentages.

Proper hydration is vital for optimal health, enhancing energy levels and performance. Maintaining a healthy body water percentage is essential for overall well-being. On average, healthy adult females should aim for 45% to 60%, while males should target 50% to 65%.

Monitoring body fat is crucial for understanding inner health and assessing the effectiveness of diet and fitness programs. Tanita Body Fat Monitors provide comprehensive insights to track progress accurately.

Athlete Mode is tailored for athletic body types, considering physiological differences such as muscle mass and hydration levels. This mode ensures precise readings, accounting for variations that could skew body fat readings in standard adult mode.


 BF-684W  Specification  Available
 Capacity  Pounds  440
 Kilograms  200
 Increment  Pounds  0.2
 Kilograms  0.1
 BIA   Technology  Multi Frequency  Yes 
 Warranty*  Traditional 3 Years With Additional Year When Bought   on   4 years
 Full Body   Measurements  Weight  Yes 
 Body Water %  Yes
 Body Fat %  Yes
 Features  Tempered Glass Platform  Yes
 Transparent Electrodes  Yes
 Additional   Functions  User Memory  2
 Athlete Mode  Yes
 Guest Mode   Yes
 Recall Function  Yes
 Power  AA x 4 Batteries   Included
 Unit Weight  Kilograms   2.7 
 Pounds  5.9
 Platform Size  Metric   41.3cm x   43.9cm 
 Imperial  12.6in x   13.4in



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