RD-953 InnerScan PRO Smart Body Composition Scale

RD-953 InnerScan PRO Smart Body Composition Scale

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Discover the Tanita RD-953 InnerScan PRO, a revolutionary body analysis scale uniquely designed for qualitative and innovative muscle quality measurement. This advanced scale assesses the quality of your muscles, offering a personalized score influenced by factors such as age and gender. Elevate your fitness journey by targeting improvements in muscle quality, recognizing its significance alongside muscle mass quantity.

Ideal for enthusiasts of strength training and those looking to embark on such a regimen, the RD-953 proves invaluable. It's especially beneficial for individuals aged 30 and above, as muscle quality naturally diminishes with age. The RD-953 serves as a proactive solution, aiding in the continuous monitoring of your muscle quality. Stay informed about the optimal times to engage in weight training for maximum impact.

Beyond its groundbreaking muscle quality score, the RD-953 provides a plethora of additional health insights, positioning it as one of the most comprehensive body analysis scales available. Seamlessly sync your measurement results with the free app on your smartphone or tablet, enabling convenient, real-time health monitoring. This streamlined approach proves effective in achieving and sustaining your health goals over an extended period.

 RD-953 InnerScan   PRO  Specification  Available
 Capacity  Pounds  440
 Kilograms  200
 Increment  Pounds  0.2
 Kilograms  0.1
 BIA Technology  Multi-Frequency  Yes
 Warranty*  2 years  Included
 Full Body   Measurements  Weight  Yes 
 Body Mass Index   (BMI)  Yes
 Body Fat %  Yes
 Muscle Mass  Yes
 Physique Rating  Yes
 Body Water %  Yes
 Daily Caloric Intake   (DCI)  Yes
 Metabolic Age  Yes
 Metabolic Age   Range  12-90
 Bone Mass  Yes
 Visceral Fat Rating  Yes
 Muscle Quality  Score  Yes
 Features  Glass Platform  Yes
 Transparent   Electrodes  Yes
 iPhone Compatible  Yes
 Android Compatible   Yes
 Radio Wireless  Bluetooth  Yes
 Additional   Functions  User Memory  Yes
 Athlete Mode  Yes
 Guest Mode  Yes
 Recall Function  Yes
 Healthy Edge Mobile App   Compatible  4 Users (Each User Must Have   Own Mobile Device)
 Power  AA x 4 Batteries   Included
 Unit Weight  Kilograms   2.1
 Pounds  4.6
 Platform Size  Metric   38.8cm x 42.3cm 
 Imperial  11.7in x 12.9in



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