DC-13C Complete Body Composition Analyzer
DC-13C Complete Body Composition Analyzer

DC-13C Complete Body Composition Analyzer

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The DC-13C is an innovative hand-to-hand body composition monitor, using the same highly accurate FDA cleared Multi-Frequency bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) process found in Tanita products since 1992. No longer do users need to take off their shoes and socks, so the total test time is reduced in half to under 10 seconds. This unique design lends itself well to public forums, events, wellness centers, and kiosk applications where little or no supervision is available, or where high volume testing is required. No s
A detailed analysis of 13 highly accurate full body composition is provided on thebuilt-in thermal printer, no need for special forms to keep cost of ownership low. Printed readings include Weight, Body Fat %, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Muscle Mass, Muscle %, Total Body Water, Total Body Water %, Bone Mass, BMR, Metabolic Age, Visceral Fat Rating, and BMI. Connectivity options including RS-232C, USB and SD card can be used for data collection or remote operation. 
 DC-13C  Specification  Available
 Capacity  Pounds  600
 Kilograms  270
 Increment  Pounds  0.2
 Kilograms  0.1
 BIA   Technology  Multi-Frequency  Yes
 Warranty*  Traditional 3 Years   
 Full Body   Measurements  Weight  Yes 
 Body Mass Index (BMI)  Yes
 Body Fat %  Yes
 Body Fat Mass  Yes
 Fat Fee Mass (FFM)  Yes
 Muscle %  Yes
 Muscle Mass  Yes
 Physique Rating  Yes
 Body Water %  Yes
 Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)  Yes
 Metabolic Age  Yes
 Bone Mass  Yes
 Visceral Fat Rating  Yes
 Additional   Functions  Target (Goal) Body Fat %  Yes
 Target (Goal) Fat Mass  Yes
 Ideal Body Weight  Yes
 Degree of Obesity   Yes
 Printing  Built-in Thermal Printer  Yes
 Outputs  USB  Yes
 RS-232  Yes
 SD Card  Yes
 Power  AC   Yes
 Platform Size  Metric   38.9cm x   39.4cm 
 Imperial  15.3in x   15.5in

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