BC-545F FitScan Segmental Body Composition Monitor

Key Features

Advanced segmental body composition analyzer

Measures arms/legs/trunk fat and muscle

20 measurements total (full-body and segmental)

Auto recognition for 5 users

Innovative color display in handle for easy viewing of results

The FitScan BC-545F is the perfect tool for monitoring the effectiveness of any fitness or health program. This 8 electrode Body Composition Monitor displays 20 readings; 10 whole body AND 10 segmental (arms, legs and trunk area) so you can see exactly how your body is responding to specific training and lifestyle changes. From tracking body fat and muscle mass trends, to analyzing your BMR and indicating hydration levels this Monitor helps you tailor your exercise and dietary requirements to achieve your goals. The extra large LCD provides a color coded analysis of your total and segmental body fat and muscle mass and the retractable cord ensures the handset fits snugly into the main unit for safe storage. The BC-545F has auto recognition for 5 users to monitor and record their results, which are stored up to 1 year.

Capacity > Pounds330
Capacity > Kilograms150
Increment > Pounds0.2
Increment > Kilograms0.1
BIA Technology > Single FrequencyYes
Full Body Measurements > WeightYes
Full Body Measurements > Body Mass Index (BMI)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Fat %Yes
Full Body Measurements > Muscle MassYes
Full Body Measurements > Physique RatingYes
Full Body Measurements > Body Water %Yes
Full Body Measurements > Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Metabolic AgeYes
Full Body Measurements > Metabolic Age Range12 - 90
Full Body Measurements > Bone MassYes
Full Body Measurements > Visceral Fat RatingYes
Segmental Measurement > Body Fat %Yes
Segmental Measurement > Muscle MassYes
Features > Plastic PlatformYes
Features > Metal ElectrodesYes
Additional Functions > User Memory5
Additional Functions > Athlete ModeYes
Additional Functions > Guest ModeYes
Additional Functions > Recall FunctionYes
Unit Weight > Kilograms2.5
Unit Weight > Pounds5.5
Batteries > AA x 4Yes
Platform Size > Metric38.4cm x32cm
Platform Size > Imperial15.1in x12.6in