Is Household Dust a Cause in Obesity?

Could dust be part of the cause of fat cells growing and contributing to obesity?

Recent research has discovered that dust in our households a combination of many chemicals that may speed up the growth of our fat cells and contribute to obesity.

Research done by Christopher Kassotis, Ph.D., from Duke University’s Nicholas School of the Environment found that endocrine-disrupting chemicals are prominent in household dust and is promoting the development in fat cells in not only adults but also children.

The researchers collected dust samples from 194 houses in central North Carolina, after studying the dust extracts, they found that even low concentrations of the chemicals contributed to the growth of precursor fat cells (from which adult fat cells develop) and overall fat cell growth.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), children ingest anywhere from 60-100 milligrams of dust and soil each day. The researchers identified over 100 different chemicals in the samples of household dust and about 70 of those showed promoting the growth of fat cells.

This research has shown that these chemicals we ingest every day could be part of the cause of obesity. So, monitoring not only your weight but your body fat percentage using a scale like the Tanita BF-648W is important to keep you healthy.

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