NTEP Class III certified legal for trade scale

Tamper proof seals, does not lock in weight

Ideal for locations where the highest level of accuracy is required

Battery power option provides convenient travel opportunity

Wall-mount bracket or desk top display stand for added flexibility


This scale is perfect for those instances where absolute measurement of weight gain or loss is a necessity. Approved as a Class III NTEP Certifiable Legal for Trade scale, the BWB-800AS physician scale has a tamper-proof seal and does not lock in weight. Wall mount bracket and desk-top display are included. Instant kg/lb switch, auto-center zero, low battery indicator.

Max. Capacity
Weighing System
Display Size
440 lb x 0.2 lb (200 kg x 0.1 kg) Single-point load cell 6.25" x 7.9" x 1.4"
(16 x 20 x 3.5 cm)
w/ 1.1" LCD
Platform Dimensions
Unit Weight
Power Supply
W 13.3" x
D 11.8" x
H 3.1"
15 lb AC adapter: 9V, 300mA (included),
6 AA batteries (not included)

Features and Specifications:

  • lb/kg switch
  • No weight lock
  • Class III NTEP approved for certifiable weight
  • Easy-to-read 5-digit, 1.1 inch display
  • Perfect for establishing weight classes, or measuring exact weight gain or loss
  • Increments: 0.2 lb (0.1 kg)
  • Dimensions: W 13.25" x D 11.8" x H 3.12"
  • Capacity: 440 lbs. x 0.2 lbs. or 200 kg x 100 grams
  • Power: AC adapter: 9V, 300mA (included) or 6 AA batteries (not included)

Optional Accessory: C-200 Hard-Sided Case


Optional Accessory: C-400 Soft-Sided Carrying Case

Optional Accessory: HR-200 Height Rod

Optional Accessory: AC Adapter 20506381-01