FB-731 3-Axes Tanita Pedometer

FB-731 3-Axes Tanita Pedometer Caption

Key Features

  • Basic step counter, with daily reset
  • Jumbo display for easy viewing
  • Can be worn anywhere on the body

The FB-731 3-Axes Pedometer features an over-sized display for convenient tracking and viewing steps taken throughout the day. Tanita's 3-Axes technology uses internal accelerometers to measure motion on the X, Y, and Z axes, allowing users to carry the FB-731 in a purse, pocket, or around the neck instead of the traditional belt clip-on, ultimately improving convenience, and offering the ability to comfortably conceal it.

The FB-731 uses advanced technology to analyze motion to prevent the recording of false steps, common to inferior or less sophisticated models.  Track your steps through the day, and then simply press the clear button to start over.

Accessories > StrapYes
Measurements > Steps - WalkYes
Unit Weight > Ounces0.8
Unit Weight > Grams22.7
Unit Size > Metric7.4cm x3.6cm
Unit Size > Imperial2.9in x1.4in
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