PD-733F FitScan Tanita Pedometer

PD-733F FitScan Tanita Pedometer Caption

Key Features

  • Provides steps and distance traveled
  • Convenient 14-day memory
  • 3-Axes internal accelerometers for accuracy

The PD-733F 3-Axes activity monitor is the newest addition to the FitScan line. This model features an over-sized display for convenient tracking and viewing steps taken throughout the day. Fitscan's 3-Axes technology uses internal accelerometers to measure motion on the X, Y, and Z axes, allowing users to carry the PD-733F in a purse, pocket, or around the neck instead of the traditional belt clip-on, ultimately improving convenience, and offering the ability to comfortably conceal it.

This PD-733F uses advanced technology to analyze motion to prevent the recording of false steps, common to inferior or less sophisticated models. In addition to its over-sized display, the PD-733F features a step counter, distance monitor, clock, and fourteen-day memory.

Measurements > ClockYes
Measurements > MemoryYes
Accessories > KarabinerYes
Measurements > Activity DistanceYes
Measurements > Steps - WalkYes
Unit Weight > Ounces0.8
Unit Weight > Grams22.7
Unit Size > Metric8.4cm x3.6cm
Unit Size > Imperial3.3in x1.4in
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