Date established: July 1, 2015

Date revised : July 1, 2015

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Privacy Policy

       Tanita Corporation has the maximum respect for the personal information of our customers.

Privacy Policy

  1. Basic Policy
    At Tanita Corporation, our business is "monitoring your health", and we recognize that personal information is an extremely important information asset. Therefore, we observe all related laws and policies prescribed by government and follow any related standards in order to accurately and safely handle personal information, and earn the trust of our customers, staff and business partners by protecting their information
  2. Application
    We have established and obey application regulations and standards of conduct pertaining to the acquisition, use and provision of personal information, have established measures for the use of and to prevent the misuse of personal information, and make every possible effort to prevent and redress the leakage, loss or damage to personal information. Furthermore, we respond reliably and quickly to inquiries and requests for the disclosure of customer personal information.
  3. Activities
    We have established an organization, clarified administration rights and responsibilities, and continue to work diligently to ensure all laws, application regulations and standards of conduct are obeyed in order to protect personal information. 
    We are devoted to obtaining the understanding and cooperation of all customers, staff and business partners in order to achieve our personal information protection policy objectives, and are continually improving and implementing application regulations and standards of conduct.

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2. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

2-1. Personal information is defined as follows. 
Personal information is defined in this policy as information which can identify the customer, and indicates information such as name, age, telephone number, e-mail address, address, workplace, family structure, hobbies, bank transfer information, Body Composition Measurement, and inquiry details that can be used to specify individual customers.

2-2.The intended use of personal information shall be expressed clearly. 
In cases where personal information is requested, the intended use of the said personal information shall be expressed clearly to the customer.
- Intended use refers to the matters communicated, information sent, or any related aggregation or analysis pertaining to matters such as product purchases, inquiries, use of services, applications for promotional campaigns, subscriptions or various studies.

2-3. Personal information is managed safely. 
We take appropriate preventive measures to protect personal information provided by customers from unauthorized access, destruction, leakage, manipulation, etc. through the operation of our PMS (Protection and Management System for personal information).

2-4. Access information is recorded. 
This website automatically records information such as customers' IP addresses and browser types on our server when customers access this website. This data is not used to identify individuals but for purposes such as collection and analysis of data by statistical methods such as management of the number of times this website was accessed, or to identify unauthorized access or damage to the server and enable quick recovery and safe management.

2-5. Cookies are sent from this website. 
This website or the advertisers who sponsor it may send cookies to customers' computer when customers access this website. 
・Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent from a web server to customers' browsers to enable effective Internet operations. 
・Cookies are used not to identify individuals but to generate statistical data to enable easier use of the website as a whole. 
・Cookies can be blocked or all cookies can be deleted after receipt by configuring the settings in your browser. You can also choose whether to block or receive cookies at your own discretion. 
・Please note that it is not possible to browse this website or apply for free gifts or promotional campaigns if cookies are blocked.

2-6.We request the consent of a caregiver for underage customers. 
We take the utmost care to ensure the safety of underage customers during their use of this website. We request that the personal information of underage customers is provided only with the consent of a caregiver.

3. Provision to Third Parties

3-1. Personal information will not be used for purposes other than those intended. 
Customers' personal information will not be provided to third parties without the consent of the customer except in the following cases:
・Contact relating to product inquiries or repairs. 
・Contact or confirmations with winners selected for free gifts or in promotional campaigns. 
・Confirmations with financial institutions, etc. relating to payments for purchases, service fees, etc. 
・Requests for disclosure for legitimate legal reasons.
・When necessary to protect the life, health, property or other vital interests of the customer.
・When a transfer of personal information is judged necessary to continue the service in the event of changes to the service provider for reasons such as a company merger.

4. Outsourcing of Handling of Personal Information

4-1. Work relating to delivery and payment collection
When sending product purchases, free gifts and small gifts accompanying promotional campaigns, etc., shipping work and the collection of payment for purchased products are outsourced to a contractor.
However, our contractors for this work meet our outsourcing standards and are not used for purposes other than this work.

4-2. Investigations, tabulations and analysis
If work related to monitoring investigations, etc., such as various investigations or the tabulation and analysis of questionnaire results, are outsourced to a contractor, customer information may be provided or disclosed to the contractor. 
However, our contractors meet our outsourcing standards and the work is strictly monitored by us.

4-3. Work relating to the operation of this service
Some work relating to the operation of this service is outsourced. Our contractors meet our outsourcing standards and the work is strictly monitored by us.

5. Disclosure, Change and Removal of Personal Information

5-1. Disclosure, change, amendment or removal of personal information
In the event that a customer wishes to check, amend, change or remove their personal information, we will disclose, amend, change or remove our stored information in an appropriate manner according to the customer's request. 
However, to prevent leakage to or manipulation by a third party, this will be done only after the customer's identity is proven by our procedure. 
However, we have the right to decline the customer's request upon notification to the customer in any of the following cases: 
・Reasonable judgment by Tanita that disclosure is necessary by law. 
・If the customer’s request must be denied in order to protect lives, safety or property. 
・If the customer’s request must be denied due to a particular need to improve public health or promote healthy development of children. 
・If it is judged that granting the customer's request would impede the execution of administrative processes stipulated by a government body, local authority or a contracting organization thereof in which our cooperation is required.

6. Voluntary Provision of Personal Information

Provision of personal information by customers for purposes such as purchase of products, use of services, inquiries, repairs, various investigations or promotional campaigns is voluntary.
However, purchase of products, use of services, inquiries, repairs and involvement in various investigations and promotional campaigns are not possible without providing personal information.

7. Collection of Information in an Unrecognizable Manner

With the exception of cookies (see2-5), customer information is not collected in a manner that cannot be easily recognized by customers.
However, to prevent leakage to or manipulation by a third party, this will be done only after the customer's identity is proven by our procedure.

8. Security

8-1. All personal information entered by customers is protected by SSL. 
SSL is a mechanism in which information is encrypted online so that it is sent and received safely. This prevents personal information and other entered information from being browsed or manipulated by a third party over the Internet. However, SSL is only enabled if the customer is using a browser that supports SSL.

8-2.This policy does not apply to other websites linked from this website.
The "Handling of Personal Information" section on this website does not apply to other websites linked from this website. Tanita assumes no responsibility for any damage that may occur as a result of accessing other websites by clicking these links.

9.Changes to Policy

We may modify or update this Privacy Policy from time to time, so please review this page periodically. When we change the  policy, we will update "Date revised" date at the top of the privacy policy.