Heavy duty design with high weight capacity of 660 pounds

Ultra-low platform makes for easy on/off and creates stability

Tare function subtracts the weight of wheelchair

Unique design with built-in wheels for mobility

Digital output ready for EMR applications

Wireless options include ANT and WiFi


Tanita's PW-630U wheelchair scale is designed with the patient's needs in mind. The ultra-low platform makes it easy for health care providers and patients to get on the scale and be stable.The durable, yet portable unit allows you to bring the scale wherever your elderly or wheelchair-bound patients require. It is built with Tanita standards, guaranteeing long lasting performance even in the most demanding environments.

Wireless options include ANT and WiFi

*The display stand is an optional accessory.

Max. Capacity
Computer Interface
660 lb (300kg) 0.2 lb (100g) 2.2 x 2.7"
2 line LCD
Platform Dimensions
Unit WeightPower Supply
27.5" x 31.5" x 1.9" 68.3 lb AC adapter included

Features and Specifications:

  • Ultra-low profile portable platform
  • RS-232 port for computer interface
  • Integrated thermal printer with tare function
  • Weight lock off
  • BMI
  • Power source: AC adapter (included)
  • Warranty: 3 Year
  • Max. capacity: 660 lb (300 kg)
  • Graduation: .2 lb (100g)
  • Display: 2.2" x 2.7" 2-line LCD
  • Platform dimensions: 27.5" x 31.5" x 1.9"
  • Unit weight: 68.3 lb

Software Capability

Don't run out of thermal paper! Purchase additional thermal paper here.

Optional Accessory: Radio Wireless Adapter

Optional Accessory: Tanita WiFi Radio Wireless Network Adapter


Optional Accessory: Tanita Health Ware

Optional Accessory: OP-001 Remote Display Stand

Optional Accessory: RS-232 Straight Cable (Male-Female)

Don't run out of thermal paper! Purchase additional thermal paper here.