SC-240 Total Body Composition Analyzer

SC-240 Total Body Composition AnalyzerSC-240 Total Body Composition Analyzer 2SC-240 Total Body Composition Analyzer 3
SC-240 Total Body Composition AnalyzerSC-240 Total Body Composition Analyzer 2SC-240 Total Body Composition Analyzer 3
SC-240 Total Body Composition Analyzer Caption

Key Features

  • The world's first lightweight, portable, high capacity body composition monitor
  • Battery powered with convenient built-in carry handle
  • USB output is EMR ready
  • Performs rapid analysis of clients up to 440 pounds
  • Expanded capability with Tanita HealthWare® software, the best value

This FDA cleared body composition monitor is light and highly portable with a built-in handle, yet fully featured for all age ranges with a 440 lb weight capacity. Weighing just 10 lb, the large platform measures weight and instantly calculates body fat% and total body water% in addition to BMI with clinically proven accuracy onto a large LCD display.  The SC-240 has the ability to provide a more detailed analysis when connected to an external device, such as PC.

The SC-240 offers in-depth individual analysis of body composition, providing a clearer picture than BMI alone as it highlights specific fat loss which is known to be more beneficial than just weight loss.  This is an excellent entry level product that will provide years of reliable operation due to its superior design and quality.

Exporting the data from the USB port is easily transferred to Tanita Health Ware® software (sold separately).  HealthWare® software provides custom data recording, tracking and analysis for an unlimited number of users. Reports are easily created using standard color printers, no special forms are required. The SC-240 and Healthware® combination provides detailed analysis and long term trend monitoring of body composition data, vital in assessing the effectiveness of any health or fitness program.

Trusted BIA Technology

Tanita’s industry leading 20+ year of experience providing FDA cleared single frequency body composition analyzers, the largest installed base of products in service.


Battery powered (or optional AC) with convenient carry handle, the most portable of all Tanita professional body composition analyzers.

User Friendly

The interactive front panel has been designed to guide the user through data input without specialized training.

Software Compatibility

Compatible with HealthWare® Software allowing full database management and progress reports.

Click below for sample printouts from Tanita HealthWare® software


Capacity > Pounds440
Capacity > Kilograms200
Increment > Pounds0.2
Increment > Kilograms0.1
BIA Technology > Single FrequencyYes
Full Body Measurements > WeightYes
Full Body Measurements > Body Mass Index (BMI)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Fat %Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Water %Yes
Outputs > USBYes
Power > ACYes
Power > DCYes
Unit Weight > Kilograms4.5
Unit Weight > Pounds10
Platform Size > Metric43.7cm x34.2cm
Platform Size > Imperial17.2in x13.5in

Optional Accessory: C-700 Carrying Case with Wheels

Carrying Case with Wheels

 Optional Accessory: C-300 Soft Carrying Case

Optional Accessory: HR-200 Height Rod

Optional Accessory: USB Cable

Optional Accessory: Tanita Health Ware

Optional Accessory: AC Adapter 47961121-01

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