The first professional grade Ironman body composition monitor, the best of the best

Bundled with Tanita's award winning HealthWare Software, Measure - Graph - Analyze

Extended warranty (4 years) and free loaner program, exclusive to the Ironman SC-240IM

The perfect tool to monitor athletes training for an event, or recovering from injury 

The most cost effective system providing professional results, from the most trusted brand, Tanita

The first professional grade Ironman body composition monitor.  The Ironman brand is the standard by which all other products are measured, it represents the best of the best, only the premier products in any category are allowed to carry the Ironman logo.  Included with the Ironman SC-240IM is an extended warranty and free loaner* should you experience any failure of the unit that occurs during normal use (does not cover damage due to accident or abuse).

The SC-240IM is a bundled package that provides everything needed to professionally monitor health and fitness.  Included is Tanita’s award winning HealthWare software, offering the ability easily measure, analyze and graph body composition data, and a USB cable to connect to your Windows based PC (single license).

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The SC-240IM is an FDA cleared lightweight, highly portable, body composition monitor.  Weighing just 10 pounds with a built-in handle, the platform easily accommodates individuals up to 440 pounds.  Operating as a stand-alone device, or connect via USB to an external computer, the SC-240IM provides rapid analysis with clinically proven accuracy.

Tanita’s Healthware software provides in-depth data analysis and tracking.  Long term trend monitoring of body composition data is vital in assessing the effectiveness of any health or fitness program.  HealthWare software provides custom data recording, tracking and analysis for an unlimited number of users.  Reports are easily created using standard color printers, no special forms are required.

*valid for 4 years from date of purchase.  Loaner available in USA and Canada only

Method of Measurement
Max. Capacity
BIA (bio-electrical impedance analysis) 440 lb
(200 kg)
0.2 lb
(0.1 kg)
1.3" x 6.2" LCD display
Platform Dimensions
Unit Weight
Power SupplyMode Options
17.2"D x 13.4"W x 2.1"H 10 lb / 4.5 kg 9V AC adapter (included) or 6 AA batteries (not included) Body composition and weight-only

Features and Specifications:

  • Ironman Bundle Package includes:

                    - SC-240IM

                    - Tanita Health Ware

                    - USB Cable

  • Lightweight, high capacity scale and body composition monitor
  • Data shown on the LCD display:
    • Weight
    • Body Fat %
    • Body Water % (Ages 18-99)
    • BMI (Ages 18-99)
  • Data captured using Health Ware software:
    • Weight
    • Body Fat %(Ages 18-99)
    • Fat Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Fat Free Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Body Water % (Ages 18-99)
    • Body Water Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Muscle Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) (Ages 18-99)
    • DCI (Daily Caloric Intake) (Ages 18-99)
    • Metabolic Age (Ages 18-99)
    • Bone Mass (Ages 18-99)
    • Visceral Fat Rating (Ages 18-99)
    • BMI (Ages 18-99)
  • Extended warranty and free loaner, exclusive to the SC-240IM
    • 4 year warranty (does not cover damage due to accident or abuse)
    • Free loaner* available within 48 hours of notification
  • Accepts standard and athlete adult profiles
  • Clinically proven accuracy with supporting validation
  • Highly portable monitor with built-in handle, weighing only 10 lb
  • Includes adjustable feet

 *Valid for 4 years from date of purchase.  Loaner available in USA and Canada only.

 Optional Accessory: C-300 Soft Carrying Case

Optional Accessory: HR-200 Height Rod

Optional Accessory: AC Adapter 20506381-01