Tanita Health Ware® Software for Windows

Tanita Health Ware® Software for Windows Caption

Key Features

  • Expand the capability of all Tanita professional products with outputs
  • Provides custom data recording, tracking, and analysis
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Export feature to CSV format added, perfect for EMR integration
  • Print to standard color printers, no special paper/reports required

Healthware® is Tanita’s PC software interfaces directly with all Tanita professional body composition analyzers and scales with outputs to provide custom data recording, tracking, and analysis. Data can also be automatically sent to your Microsoft® HealthVault™ or MyTanita account. Unlimited number of users, with enhanced user management features. Data can be exported to Excel or .CSV files, perfect for EMR integration (Not compatible with Mac OS). Technical support included. 

Tanita Health Ware®  software is section 508 compliant (accessible to people with disabilities.)

Click below for sample printouts from Tanita HealthWare® software


Compatible with MC-980Uplus, MC-780U, BC-418, BF-350, DC-430U, PH-740, PW-630U, SC-240, SC-240IM, SC-331S, TBF-215GS, TBF-300A, TBF-300WA, TBF-300WA plus, TBF-310GS, TBF-410GS, WB-100A, WB-110A, WB-800plus, WB-380, WB-3000 and WB-3000plus.  The DC-430U and SC-331S, the software will provide body fat analysis for children ages 5-17.  

Works with Windows XP(32-bit and 64-bit English version), Vista(32-bit and 64-bit English version), Windows 7(32-bit and 64-bit English version), Windows 8(32-bit and 64-bit English version) and Windows 10(32-bit and 64-bit English version). Not compatible with Mac. Cables sold separately. 1 license per CD. Not compatible with some netbooks.   

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