TBF-400 Total Body Composition Analyzer

TBF-400 Total Body Composition AnalyzerTBF-400 Total Body Composition Analyzer 2TBF-400 Total Body Composition Analyzer 3
TBF-400 Total Body Composition AnalyzerTBF-400 Total Body Composition Analyzer 2TBF-400 Total Body Composition Analyzer 3
TBF-400 Total Body Composition Analyzer Caption

Key Features

  • FDA cleared BIA technology for 10 full body composition measurements
  • Portable design is well suited for both in-office and remote/travel use
  • High capacity 600 pounds, ideal for bariatric applications
  • Oversized platform positioned low to the ground, easy on/off
  • Within 5% of DEXA, at a fraction of the cost
  • EMR ready with straightforward digital outputs and optional Bluetooth wireless
  • On-board printing, no special/costly paper required

Can't be beat in quality and won't be beat in Price, Guaranteed!

The TBF-400 is the latest in a long line of single frequency Tanita TBF body composition analyzers (including the TBF-300, TBF-310, TBF-400, and TBF-215).  It features an industry’s leading weight capacity of 600 lb (270 kg) with an oversized, low-profile platform, ideal for weighing the elderly and obese.  And the user friendly LED lamp guided navigation make programming a simple operation.

In less than 10 seconds a detailed analysis of 10 full body composition measurements is provided on the built-in thermal printer.  Printed readings include Weight, Body Fat %, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Water Mass, Water %, Basal Metabolic Rate, and Body Mass Index.  Convenient indicator lights and graphs help the provider review the results.  The TBF-400 can be configured as a portable model, or with a column kit to present a more clinical design.

EMR ready with multiple outputs, including RS-232, USB and SD card.  When used with Tanita HealthWare® Software (sold separately) the body composition data from the TBF-400 can be stored on PC to provide custom data recording, tracking, and analysis for an unlimited number of users.

Trusted BIA Technology

Tanita’s industry leading 20+ year of experience providing FDA cleared single frequency body composition analyzers, the largest installed base of users.

User Friendly

The interactive console has been designed to guide the user through data input without specialized training.

Enhanced Display

The large LCD display highlights the body composition measurements in a clear, easy to understand format.

Built-in Printer

Uses standard 2.25” thermal paper.  No need for special preprinted forms that you must purchase, keeps your cost of ownership low.

Software Compatibility

Compatible with HealthWare® Software allowing full database management and progress reports.

Capacity > Pounds600
Capacity > Kilograms270
Increment > Pounds0.2
Increment > Kilograms0.1
BIA Technology > Single FrequencyYes
Full Body Measurements > WeightYes
Full Body Measurements > Body Mass Index (BMI)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Fat %Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Fat MassYes
Full Body Measurements > Fat Free Mass (FFM)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Water %Yes
Full Body Measurements > Total Body Water Mass (TBW)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Bioelectric DataYes
Data Analysis > BMIYes
Data Analysis > Body Fat %Yes
Data Analysis > BMRYes
Radio Wireless > BluetoothYes
Additional Functions > Target Body FatYes
Additional Functions > Predicted WeightYes
Additional Functions > Predicted Fat MassYes
Additional Functions > Fat to GainYes
Printing > Built-in Thermal PrinterYes
Outputs > USBYes
Outputs > RS-232Yes
Outputs > SD CardYes
Power > ACYes
Unit Weight > Kilograms8.3
Unit Weight > Pounds18.3
Platform Size > Metric38.6cm x39.6cm
Platform Size > Imperial15.3in x15.6in

 Optional Accessory: Tanita Health Ware®

Optional Accessory:  Bluetooth Radio Wireless Adapter

Optional Accessory: C-600 Carrying Case

Optional Accessory: HR-200 Height Rod

Optional Accessory: USB Cable

Optional Accessory: RS-232 Cable

Optional Accessory: TP-300 Thermal Printer Paper Rolls

Optional Accessory: PH-200 Patient Education Notepad

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