Market's Highest Capacity, 660 pounds.  Dare to compare

Hospitals, Clinics, Spas, Gyms, Clubs, this scale is the perfect weighing solution

Instant on, no buttons to push

Rugged design for years of constant use in high traffic environments

Digital outputs are EMR ready

Wireless options include ANT and WiFi


Tanita's WB-3000plus digital beam scale is the latest scale from the innovators in digital weighing.  Capacity has been extended to an industry's best 660lb(300kg).  The scale features an automatic body mass index (BMI) calculation and RS-232 and USB outputs to capture patient data to an external device. The incredibly durable, yet portable, unit can be easily broken down into three modules - the display, the platform (which houses the load cell), and the pillar - and is equipped with casters for easy mobility. The WB-3000plus physician scale also features a mechanical height rod, allowing patients height to be taken the same time as weight. The portability and modularity really separate the WB-3000plus, and give healthcare professionals a much better option than standard beam scales. The WB-3000plus represents a true professional grade scale for years of uninterrupted operation.

Wireless options include ANT and WiFi.

Method of Measurement
Max. Capacity
Computer Interface
Mechanical Height Rod, BMI 660 lb (300 kg) 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) RS-232 and USB Type B
Platform Dimensions
Unit Weight
Power Supply
15" x 15" x 2" 25.3 lb 4 x AA (included), AC Adapter (included)

Features and Specifications:

  • Display: 2-line LCD
  • Mechanical height rod: 25" - 84" (0.25" increments) 64 - 214 cm (0.5 cm increments)
  • Casters for easy mobility
  • RS-232 and USB type B computer interface
  • Mechanical height rod
  • Automatic BMI calculation
  • Auto "on" feature

Software Capability

Optional Accessory: Radio Wireless Adapter

Optional Accessory: Tanita WiFi Radio Wireless Network Adapter


Optional Accessory: Tanita Health Ware

Optional Accessory: RS-232 Straight Cable (Male-Female)

Optional Accessory: USB Cable