NTEP Class III certified legal for trade scale

Hospitals, Clinics, Spas, Gyms, Clubs, this scale is the perfect weighing solution

440 lb / 200 kg weight capacity suitable for all but the very obese patients

EMR ready with straightforward digital outputs

Low level stable platform for elderly or obese patients

Jumbo easy-to-read LCD display


The WB-800AS Plus scale is perfect for those instances where absolute measurement of weight gain or loss is a necessity. The WB-800AS plus is approved as a class III NTEP certified Legal for Trade scale, has tamper-proof seals does not lock in weight.  This incredibly durable, yet portable, professional grade scale is perfect for any busy practice, gym
or clinic.  The scales features an extended capacity and oversized low-profile platform to accommodate a wide range of clients and patients. Separate digital display and movable platform makes this product perfect for those patients requiring a little more room, such as pregnant moms and larger patients.

Max. Capacity
Weighing System
Display Size
440 lb x 0.2 lb (200 kg x 0.1 kg) Four-point load cell 2.4" x 3.9" 2 Line LCD
Platform Dimensions
Unit Weight
Power Supply
15.6" x 15.3" x 1.9" 15.7 lb AC adapter: 6V (included),
4 AA batteries (not included)

Features and Specifications

  • Display: 2-line LCD

  • RS-232 and USB type B computer interface

  • Automatic BMI calculation

Optional Accessory: Radio Wireless Adapter

Optional Accessory: HR-200 Height Rod

Optional Accessory: AC Adapter 20506381-01