The standard in neonatal weight measurement

0.1 oz (2 g) resolution, the highest available

Weight gain feature compares current with prior measurement

Removable tray for easy cleaning

Digital output for permanent record retention


One gram increment resolution feature. Tanita's technology guarantees incredible sensitivity for your smallest patients. The BD-815U baby scale is specifically designed to weigh premature infants and babies that are having difficulty gaining weight. It measures in 0.1 oz increments up to 12 lbs. and 0.2 oz up to 33 lbs. When the AC adapter (supplied standard with the scale) is used, the 1.3" display features a blue backlight making the weight very easy to read. Other features include a removable basket for easy cleaning, memory, recall, and an RS-232 output so data can be captured electronically. The BD-815U features Tanita's top-quality manufacturing for long life and owner satisfaction.

Max. Capacity
33 lb (15 kg)

1-12 lb / 0.1 oz (0 - 6 kg / 2 g)

12 - 33 lb / 0.2 oz (6 - 15 kg / 5 g)

1 g weight increment resolution feature

1.3" x 3.5 " Single Line LCD
Unit Weight
Power SupplyWeighing System
16.1" x 23.6" x 6.2" 10.1 lb 4 x AA Batteries (included), DC 9V 200 mA (included) Single-point load cell

Features and Specifications:

  • Weight gain
  • Recall
  • Weight lock off
  • Soft baby mat
  • Extend feature: allowing 1 g (0.05 oz) weight increments, up to 33 lbs.
  • Weighing system: single-point load cell
  • Removable basket
  • Motion stop

  • Optional Accessory: C-110 Soft Carrying Case

Optional Accessory: C-110 Soft Carrying Case