Archivo para julio 2018

Archivo para julio 2018

Achieving Optimal Wrestling Weight

Monitoring an athletes weight and body fat levels is crucial in assuring they wrestle at the appropriate classification. Tanita introduced the world’s first body composition analyzer (TBF-300WA) designed for High School and Collegiate wrestlers in 2005, using the ACSM and NCAA guidelines for weight loss. The new TBF-300WAplus builds on the success of the original model adding an increased weight capacity, larger platform, and enhanced printout, while still maintaining the unique formulas to determine weight classifications. Learn more about the TBF-300WAplus

Testing Muscle Quality

Do you know there’s more to assessing your strength then just determining the weight (mass) of your muscles? Not all muscles are built the same, and it’s important to know the quality of the muscle tissue. Using Tanita’s exclusive dual-frequency technology, we now have the ability to analyze and assign a value to your muscle quality. We’ll score your muscles on a scale of 1 to 100, higher values indicate better muscle conditioning.