Archivo para agosto 2019

Archivo para agosto 2019

Things You Should Do After Every Workout

Your workout shouldn’t end after you last rep. in order to benefit from each training session you should devote as much time to your post-workout routine as you do to everything leading up to it.

Why You Eat More, If Your Diet Consists of Processed Foods

In a report published in the journal Cell Metabolism experts compared differences in calorie consumptions between unprocessed and ultra-processed diets. Even when the diets matched in fat content those who were eating ultra-processed diets still ate more food and gained more weight.

The Diet Change That Can Cut Your Risk of an Exercise-Triggered Heart Attack

Fish has been proven to be very beneficial to one’s diet, it has numerous health benefits such as muscle recovery, warding off stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Now a new study has found another health benefit.

What Is CBD And How Does It Help?

Cannabidiol also known and CBD has become more and more popular in the media, and people have been told to start adding it in their post-workout smoothie or their morning coffee, but why? What is CBD?