Chocolate Can Boost Your Workout

Are you a chocolate lover? If so, you are in luck! Science has proven that chocolate can serve double duty. Not only will it satisfy your cravings but it can help you to fuel your workout.

Chocolate has two parts that makes it good for your workout – carbs and antioxidants. Whether you love white, milk or dark chocolate each of those has a good amount of carbs because of its sugar content. That doesn’t mean you should be eating chocolate all the time. You don’t want to go overboard with the added sugar.

You’ve probably heard the darker the chocolate the better, which is true, darker chocolate contains less grams of sugar. Here is what research has shown about why and how chocolate can work for you.

  1. Chocolate can help increase your aerobic capacity. Research has found that dark chocolate can help improve how efficiently you use oxygen.
  2. Chocolate can reduce inflammation. Chocolate is filled with antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation. Both milk and dark chocolate contain those compounds and when eaten before or after your workout it can help reduce inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints.
  3. It can help get your mind right. For some going to the gym or working out can be a struggle. But eating chocolate makes your feel amazing because it contains cacao which is a mood-regulating hormone serotonin. The darker the chocolate the more serotonin you get.
  4. Research has found chocolate can help your go farther. A study showed consuming caffeine with carbs – often a combo found in chocolate, can help boost your muscle recovery after a hard workout.

If used right, chocolate can be a great source for fuel. Here are some things to keep in mind when using chocolate to help your workout. Keep the portion small, it still is high in fat and that takes longer to break down. Eat chocolate about two hours before your workout so your body has time to process that fat. If you use it after your workout for recovery purposes stick to 1-2 ounces and pair it with some protein.

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