Side Effects Of Extreme Weight Loss You May Have Not Known

Side Effects Of Extreme Weight Loss You May Have Not Known

There are plenty of benefits to losing weight, especially if you are overweight or obese. You have more energy, you look and feel better and you cut your risk of many health problems such as: diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and cancers.

But there can also be negative effects of losing a large amount of weight. These are potential consequences that may stall your progress or keep you from reaching you goal.

  1. The Blues
    1. According to a study for University College London, dropping weight may actually increase your risk for depression. When losing weight, get plenty of sleep and eat healthy foods to reduce your risk of depression.
  2. Loose Skin
    1. If you lose a lot of weight you might wind up with sagging folds of excess skin. One way to help this is build extra muscle to help make your skin look tauter.
  3. Lost love
    1. In a recent study from North Carolina State University researchers found that teaming up with your partner to lose weight can increase your chances of success, but if they’re not on board your relationship can suffer.
  4. Stomach Pain
    1. Some people who lose weight fast develop gallstones. If you cut down on fat your gallbladder doesn’t contract as frequently, allowing bile to become concentrated in the organ which leads to gallstones.
  5. Phantom Cravings
    1. The best solution for avoiding cravings is to focus on foods that keep you feeling full longer.
  6. Muscle Loss
    1. When you lose weight by changing what you eat one third of that weight is muscle. Loss of calorie-burning muscle doesn’t help you keep going in your weight loss efforts. Maintaining a good protein intake and doing strength exercises as you lose weight.
  7. Powerful Hunger
    1. Part of your intense appetite may be due to eating fewer calories, but it also could be that your metabolism hasn’t adjusted to your new diet yet. Sticking to a workout routine can help strengthen a region of your brain, which helps consider long-term consequences to short-term decisions. The more you exercise, the more you reinforce your mental fortitude.
  8. The Dreaded Plateau
    1. You lost 10 pounds which was great and then you stall to lose those next 10 pounds. It may be your body’s way of signaling to you that it’s time to mix things up.
  9. Crankiness
    1. Lack of carbohydrates can deplete your brain of the vital energy stores it needs to function and generally be nice. Work carbs gradually back into your diet and focus on more complex carbs.

Staying on track of your weight loss plan can be a challenge, but not impossible if you focus on doing it the right way. Use the Tanita’s BC-533 to help maintain your healthy life style.

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