What is Body Composition?

Tanita is a world leader in weight measurement. Since 1944, scales have been Tanita’s core business. Tanita’s dedication to helping people enjoy healthier lives has led to the development of products that take innovative design one step further by providing added value and precision. Ordinary bathroom scales measure only one thing—weight. They can’t distinguish between pounds that come from fat and pounds that come from muscle. Tanita's body composition analysis lets you monitor weight, body fat, body water, muscle and so much more in the comfort of your home.

What Exactly is Body Composition?

Body composition is the main components that make up the body: fat, muscle mass, bone, and water. It helps provide a more accurate representation of how healthy you really are. It describes your weight more accurately and provides a better glimpse into your overall health than traditional methods.

Why is it Important?

There is growing evidence that clearly links body composition with health risks and the development of certain diseases. New research indicates that fat loss, not weight loss, can extend human longevity. By measuring body composition, a person’s health status can be more accurately assessed and the effects of both dietary and physical activity programs better directed.

How to Monitor it?

Your body composition is constantly changing throughout your lifetime and one way to monitor those changes is through a method called bioelectrical impedance analysis or BIA. By using the impedance measurements along with a person’s height, weight, and body type (gender, age, fitness level), it is possible to calculate the percentage of body fat, fat-free mass, hydration level, bone mass, and other body composition values.

Why Choose Tanita Body Composition?

Tanita's body composition analysis lets you monitor weight, body fat, body water, muscle and so much more in the comfort of your home. The technology in our consumer models is based on the same advanced technology found in our professional body composition analyzers used by doctors, medical centers, professional athletic teams, fitness clubs and personal trainers. Tanita’s Medical Advisory Board continues to research body composition and its effects on health and disease. This research drives ongoing technological innovation and product enhancements, ensuring Tanita’s continued position as a category leader.

If you would like to include body composition readings in your health monitoring program, Tanita offers a range of Professional Full Body Composition, Professional Segmental Body Composition, Consumer Full Body Composition, and Consumer Segmental Body Composition for every lifestyle and budget – from two-person monitors to full-featured radio wireless models.

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