D-8000 Tanita Remote Display for Professional Products

D-8000 Tanita Remote Display for Professional Products Caption

Key Features

Radio wireless remote display for use with Tanita professional scales

Can be positioned within 30 feet of weighing platform

Eliminates cables, safety hazards and service issues

Remote viewing of weight, and calculation of BMI

Can be paired with platform to enhance transmission security

The D-8000 remote display from Tanita shows weight and BMI (body mass index) data from the Tanita WB-8000RW platform.  It uses radio wireless communication to activate the platform while displaying values on an oversized LCD display.  Perfect for applications where the platform needs to be positioned away from the display, eliminating the safety/tripping hazard of cables while providing an increased level of discretion in viewing the patients data.  A clean user interface provides for fast and easy data input, while the unique radio wireless pairing feature further enhances the security of data transmission between the platform and display.


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