Food Service

Tanita's commercial scale products are designed for a multitude of applications across a broad range of industries. A wide range of features make these scales as suitable for measuring ingredients as they are for weighing nuts and bolts. The larger scales in the range are even ideal for use in mailrooms. Each model offers features that make your job easier. For food preparation a tare function allows you to weigh ingredients separately, even when they're on the same scale. It will also deduct the weight of the product's container so you get the precise measurement- every time. The single-block weighing mechanism, offered on many of the models, ensures not only superior accuracy, but also increased durability. With hygiene also a major concern, most models incorporate a removable, washable platform made from a non-corrosive stainless steel, so it's guaranteed to last longer. That's backed by the assurance that every model carries a three-year guarantee. Whatever you're weighing, one thing is certain, you'll see accurate results fast on a large LCD.