In the News

Can I drink water before a body-fat analysis?
Self Magazine / November 2008
A Q&A article discusses how consumers can get body fat readings with scales such as the BC-533.

Review: Tanita BC-573 Innerscan Scale
Crunchgear Magazine / October 2008
In an article about the BC-573, the reviewer stated this was the coolest Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis scale they had ever set foot on.

Feel-Good Gifts
AARP the Magazine / October 2008
The Tanita HealthyJump Jump Rope was included in the list of great gifts that benefit others health, the planet, and the buyer’s wallet.

Beyond Mom’s Clothesline
New York Times / October 2008
The Tanita HealthyJump jump rope was featured in article about how new jump ropes with digital calorie counters underscore how the activity has evolved into an intense training exercise.

Stuff We Like
Ski Magazine / October 2008
The BC-558 Ironman model was featured in an article about the scales ability to take readings per body region and the benefit of tracking those numbers over time.

Ways To Measure Fat
Los Angeles Times / May 2008
In an article about measuring body fat with home devices, the Tanita UM061 and Ironman Innerscan models were featured.

Crunch Your Numbers
Women’s Health / June 2008
The BC-558 was named an effective tool in keeping tabs on body fat in an article about how to crunch the numbers during fitness routines.

Break a Sweat with the Hottest Fitness Gadgets
Marie Claire / May 2008
In an article discussing fitness gadgets, the BC-558 was named the only consumer monitor available in the U.S. to give segmental body composition readings.

I'm 5'4" and weigh 120 pounds. Since I'am at a healthy weight, do I really need to exercise?
Fitness Magazine / April 2008
The Tanita BC-534 was featured in an article about the importance of monitoring the body’s composition levels.

Tanita Ironman BC558 Body Fat Scale
Men’s Health / Winter/Spring 2008
The BC-558 was featured in an article which discussed the eight essential pieces to building the ultimate home gym. Discussed the advantage of a visceral fat rating on the BC-558.