Press Releases

marzo 22, 2017Tanita Improves Industry Leading Wrestling Scale
marzo 17, 2017Tanita RD‐953 InnerScan Dual Body Composition Analyzer
marzo 17, 2017Tanita RD‐545IM Ironman® Segmental Body Composition Analyzer
marzo 17, 2017Tanita RD‐901plus Ironman® Body Composition Analyzer.
enero 01, 2016Tanita Updates Best Selling Body Composition Analyzers (TBF-400)
octubre 01, 2015Tanita Heat Index Meter (TT-563)
abril 01, 2015Tanita Launches Best-In-Class Physicians Scales (WB-800)
abril 01, 2015Tanita Introduces New Waterproof Commercial Scale (KW-210)
enero 01, 2015Tanita/IRONMAN Body Composition Scale With iPhone Connectivity & Free Software (RD-901)
enero 01, 2015Tanita Sets New Standard In Body Composition Monitoring (DC-430U)
enero 01, 2015Tanita Introduces Professional Segmental Body Composition Analyzer (BC-418)
mayo 01, 2014Tanita Sets New Standard In Body Composition Monitoring (MC-780U)
octubre 01, 2013Tanita Introduces High Capacity Digital Physicians Scale (WB-3000plus)
enero 05, 2012Tanita Introduces World's First Light, Portable, High Capacity Body Composition Analyzer (SC-240)
diciembre 01, 2011Tanita Introduces Radio Wireless Segmental Body Composition (BC-1500)
diciembre 01, 2008Tanita Enters the Hospital Scales Market
diciembre 01, 2008Kitchen Scale Line Release
diciembre 01, 2008Tanita Won Civil Action Against Counterfeiters In China
diciembre 01, 2008Tanita Makes Monitoring Body Fat Easier with Six New Models Retailing for Less Than $100
julio 20, 2007Tanita Introduces New Acute & Long-Term Professional Scale To Help Monitor Patients' Weight & BMI (PW-630U)