TBF-215GS Total Body Composition Analyzer

TBF-215GS Total Body Composition Analyzer Caption

Key Features

Unique design, body composition monitor coupled with digital height rod

Automatic BMI calculation, reduces human error

Within 5% of DEXA, at a fraction of the cost

EMR ready with straightforward digital outputs

On-board printing, no special/costly paper required

Wireless options include ANT and WiFi

The TBF-215GS has been discontinued.  Please see our TBF-400.


Capacity > Pounds440
Capacity > Kilograms200
Increment > Pounds0.2
Increment > Kilograms0.1
BIA Technology > Single FrequencyYes
Full Body Measurements > WeightYes
Full Body Measurements > Body Mass Index (BMI)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Fat %Yes
Full Body Measurements > Body Fat MassYes
Full Body Measurements > Fat Free Mass (FFM)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Total Body Water Mass (TBW)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)Yes
Full Body Measurements > Bioelectric DataYes
Additional Functions > Target Body FatYes
Additional Functions > Predicted WeightYes
Additional Functions > Predicted Fat MassYes
Additional Functions > Fat to GainYes
Unique Features > kg-only OptionYes
Printing > Built-in Thermal PrinterYes
Outputs > RS-232Yes
Power > ACYes
Unit Weight > Kilograms12.7
Unit Weight > Pounds28
Platform Size > Metric30.5cm x32.5cm
Platform Size > Imperial12in x12.8in

Optional Accessory: Radio Wireless Adapter

Optional Accessory: Tanita WiFi Radio Wireless Network Adapter


Optional Accessory: OP-001 Remote Display Stand

Optional Accessory: Tanita Health Ware

Optional Accessory: RS-232 Null Cable(Female-Female)

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