Tanita WBGT Heat Index Meter TT-563

Tanita WBGT Heat Index Meter TT-563 Caption

Key Features

  • More realistic than Heat Index used by National Weather Service
  • Evaluate safe levels of physical exertion when outdoors
  • Measures temperature, humidity and solar radiation
  • Built-in alarm function to alert of threatening conditions
  • Portable design, easy to carry, includes mounting accessories

The heat index used by the U.S. National Weather Service is a measure of perceived heat using air temperature and relative humidity, but it does not account for the effects of solar radiation.  When working or exercising in direct sunlight, the effect on the human body can be much more significant.   The WetBulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is a measure of heat stress in direct sunlight, which takes into account: temperature, humidity, wind speed, sun angle and cloud cover (solar radiation).  Military agencies, OSHA and many nations use the WBGT as a guide to managing workload in direct sunlight.

Tanita’s new TT-563 WBGT is a convenient and easy to use monitor that allows you to determine the safe levels of physical exertion when working or exercising outdoors.  Simply place the TT-563 in direct sunlight, results are displayed within seconds. Monitoring temperature, humidity and solar radiation is important, as they can be contributing factors to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

The reference threshold value is listed in the website below.  Refer to TABLE III:4-2. PERMISSIBLE HEAT EXPOSURE THRESHOLD LIMIT VALUE



 - WBGT: Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

- Ta: Air Temperature

- Tg: Globe Temperature

- Td: Dew point Tempersature

- RH: Relative Humidity

- AH; Absolute Humidity

- Available for Outdoor and Indoor use: Considering direct sunlight and radiant heat.

- Accurate calculation for WGBT, which is the index for heat stroke.

- Alarm function

     - Set the threshold value manually

- Small size and includes accessories(Carabiner, Hanging attachment and attachment for tripod).

     - Easy to carry


- Air temperature range: 32F to 122F (OC to 50C)

- WBGT range: 32F to 122F (OC to 50C)

- Globe temperature range: 32F to 140F (OC to 60C)

- Relative humidly range: 20% to 90%

- Dew point temperature range: -0.4F to 118.4F (-18C to 48C)

- Battery: 1 x CR2032 (included)

- 1.4 in. D X 2.3 in. W X 4.3 in. H

- Weight:  2.3 oz.

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