TBF 300WA Plus For Wrestling

TBF 300WA Plus For Wrestling

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Elevate Your Wrestling Program with Tanita's FDA Cleared TBF-300WA Plus Wrestler Mode Body Composition Analyzer

Tanita reaffirms its dedication to the wrestling community with the TBF-300WA Plus, an FDA Cleared Body Composition Analyzer tailored specifically for wrestlers. This advanced device offers 10 precise body composition measurements, harnessing modern science to provide invaluable insights for your student wrestlers.

Key Features:

Wrestler Mode: Tailored to athletic body types, the Wrestler Mode ensures accurate readings by accounting for physiological differences such as muscle mass and hydration levels. This mode is essential for maintaining a healthy body fat percentage while adhering to Minimum Wrestling Weight (MWW) regulations.

Collegiate and High School Standards: Pre-set with minimum body fat percentile standards for both collegiate and high school levels, the TBF-300WA Plus offers versatility across weight classes, streamlining your wrestling program's monitoring process*.

Comprehensive Analysis: Benefit from 10 accurate body composition measurements, empowering you to educate and guide your wrestlers towards optimal performance and health.

Empower Your Wrestling Program

Experience the difference with the TBF-300WA Plus, designed to meet the unique needs of wrestlers. Elevate your coaching and support efforts with precise body composition analysis, ensuring your athletes compete at their best while prioritizing their well-being.

*Note: This device is suitable for use across various weight classes, thanks to its pre-set standards for collegiate and high school levels.

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