1479Z Professional Digital Mini Scale

1479Z Professional Digital Mini Scale

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The thinnest, lightest pocket scale available from industry leader Tanita.  The 1479Z is incredibly thin at only 10 mm thick, yet without sacrificing the accuracy or reliability expected from Tanita.  Features a tare function with a clear 4-digit LCD display and 4 different modes of measurement: Gram, Ounce, Troy Ounce, and Penny Weight.  Measurement accuracy of 0.1 gram with a capacity of 200 grams. Includes a soft case.

Tare weight function
Unit Weight 3.7 oz
Capacity Grams (g) 200
Ounces (oz) 7.05
Troy Ounce (ozt) 6.43
Pennyweight (dwt) 128.6
Increment Grams (g) 0.1
Ounces (oz) 0.001
Troy Ounce (ozt) 0.001
Pennyweight (dwt) 0.1

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