Tanita BC-533 Scale

BC-533 InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Scale

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Discover unprecedented insights into your health and fitness journey with our groundbreaking InnerScan™ line. Designed for those committed to enhancing their well-being, InnerScan™ utilizes Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) to track various health components. By analyzing results alongside gender, age, height, and weight, this at-home monitor offers the most precise and comprehensive readings available.

Key Features:

  • Top-selling TANITA InnerScan monitor
  • Provides 9 full-body measurements
  • Features Athlete Mode for athletic individuals
  • Calculates daily caloric intake for weight loss
  • Crafted with a rugged tempered glass platform
  • Exclusive round InnerScan monitor design
     BC-533 InnerScan  Specification Available
    Capacity  Pounds  330
     Kilograms   150
     Increment  Pounds  0.2
     Kilograms  0.1
     BIA Technology  Single Frequency  Yes
     Warranty*  Traditional 3 Years With Additional Year When Bought   on TheCompetitiveEdge.com  4 years
     Power  AA X 4         Yes       
     Full Body Measurements  Weight  Yes 
     Body Fat %  Yes
     Muscle Mass  Yes
     Physique Rating  Yes
     Body Water %  Yes
     Daily Caloric Intake (DCI)  Yes
     Metabolic Age  Yes
     Metabolic Age Range  12-50
     Bone Mass  Yes
     Visceral Fat Rating  Yes
     Features  Glass Platform  Yes
     Metal Electrodes  Yes
     Additional Functions  User Memory  4
     Athlete Mode  Yes
     Guest Mode  Yes
     Recall Function  Yes
      Unit Weight  Kilograms   2.6
     Pounds   5.7
     Platform Size  Metric   43.9cm x 43.9cm 
     Imperial  13.4in x 13.4in

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