WB-3000 Digital Physician's Medical Scale

WB-3000 Digital Physician's Medical Scale

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TANITA's WB-3000 digital beam scale is ideally suited for a variety medical and fitness markets, and remains the perfect replacement for the old mechanical balance beam scale. The scale features an over-sized low profile platform, perfect for elderly or obese patients. Instant ‘ON’ means there are no buttons to push, simply stand on the platform to activate, weight is displayed in seconds.

The WB-3000 can be easily broken down into three modules - the display, the platform (which houses the load cell), and the pillar - and is equipped with casters for easy mobility. The portability and modularity really separate the WB-3000, and provides a much better option than standard beam scales. And with a capacity of 660 lb (300 kg) it can accommodate most all weighing needs.

EMR/EHR ready with both RS-232 and USB digital outputs, and wireless with an optional Bluetooth adapter. The WB-3000 physicians scale also features a mechanical height rod, allowing height to be taken along with weight, with an automatic body mass index (BMI) calculation. 

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